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The Broadway Wig Company is located at 231 West 29th Street in Manhattan and is one of the theatre community's most unique design resources. We offer a complete selection of beautiful theatrical wigs designed and styled by some of Broadway, Film, and Television's most gifted wig masters and hairstylists.

For the past 25 years, the Broadway Wig Company has remained a full service Wig Salon, just moments away from the heart of Manhattan's famed theatre district. An array of custom design and styling services are available such as tinting, dyeing, hi-liting, low-liting, glazing, repairs and maintenance.

For years, we have serviced many of Broadway's most talented stars, providing them with just the right look to help them create their characters. Take a look at our private client list below for some of the wonderful people we had the pleasure of working with. Once a client, we know you will be absolutely satisfied, because at the Broadway Wig Company, we take the drama out of hair design.

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D - E

F - G

Jane Addams
Victoria Adams
Jayne Atkinson
Lisa Banes
Chris Bauer
Glynis Bell
Kate Blumberg
Stephen Bogardas
Samantha Bond
Phillip Bosco
Lisa Bostner
Kenneth Branagh
Kate Burton
Steve Buscemi
Kerry Butler

Zoe Caldwell
Paul Carlin
Dixie Carter
Richard Chamberlain
Dominic Chianese
Petula Clark
Bridgid Cleary
Jennifer Cody
Karen Kay Cody
Jarlath Conroy
Frank Converse
David Costelloe
Paddy Croft
Billy Crudup
Ann Crumb
John Cunningham
Jane Curtin

Lea DeLaria
Ray DeMattis
Dame Judi Dench
Brian Dennehy
Mia Dillon
Donal Donally
Terri Donnelly
Tate Donovan
Sean Dugan
Faye Dunaway
Charles Durning
Charles Dutton
Kathleen Early
Rebecca Eichenberger
Linda Emond
Melissa Errico

Lucinda Faraldo
Danielle Ferland
Pauline Flannagan
Hunter Foster
Beth Fowler
Peter Frichette
Theodora Fried
Boyd Gaines
Davis Gaines
Betty Garrett
Daniel Gerald
Malcom Gets
Paul Giamatti
Iann Glenn
Whoopi Goldberg
John Goodman
Randy Graff
Rupert Graves
Clark Gregg

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K - L


N - O - P

Margaret Hall
Carla Hargrove
Neil Patrick Harris
Rosemary Harris
Melissa Hart
Rita Harvey
Carol Healey
George Hearn
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Nancy Hume
Mary Illes
A.J. Irvin
Trisha Jeffries
Toby Jones
Sass Jordan

Patricia Kalember
Donna Kane
Patti Karr
Nicky Katt
John Keating
Larry Keith
Tari Kelly
Nicole Kidman
Maggie Kiley
Carol King
Marc Kudisch
Maggi Lacy
Mikel Sarah Lambert
Jenna Lamia
Linda Lavin
Erica Leerhsen
Robert Sean Leonard
Rich Little
Stacy Logan
Patti LuPone

Jacqueline MacKenzie
Kristin Maloney
Nancy Marchand
Elizabeth Marvel
Mary McCann
Audra McDonald
Daniel McDonald
Michael McElroy
Geraldine McEwan
Michael McKean
Sir Ian McKellan
John McMartin
Maria Millitair
Helen Mirren
Aiden Moloney
Charlotte Moore
Dequina Moore
James Moye
Brian Murray

Kiera Naughton
Novella Nelson
Kimberly Dawn Neumann
Paul Newman
Phyllis Newman
Brian F. O'Byrne
Heather O'Neill
Nancy Opel
Ciaran O'Reilly
Milo O'Shea
Al Pacino
Chazz Palminteri
Michelle Pawk
Mary Beth Peil
Donald Pickup
Anne Pitoniak

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T - U - V

W - X - Y - Z

Tony Randall
Anthony Rapp
Phylicia Rashad
Helen Reddy
Vanessa Redgrave
Alice Ripley
Jewell Robinson
Reg Rogers
Jan Rooney
Mickey Rooney
Jack Ryland

Christa Scott-Reed
Rob Sedgwick
Marian Seldes
Ciaran Sheehan
Joan Shepard
Mandy Siegfried
Douglas Sills
Heather Alicia Simms
Jennifer Smith
Samantha Soule
Stephen Spinella
Delores Sutton
Sloan Skelton
David Staller
Francis Sternhagen
Messerat Stroman
Dolores Sutton

Jenn Thompson
Jennifer Laura Thompson

Ralph Waite
Kay Walaby
Fiona Walsh
Fritz Weaver
Terri White
Kathleen Widdoes
Lee Wilkof
Jack Willis
Frank Wood
Tom Wopat
JoAnn Worley
Rachel York
Karen Ziemba
Louis Zorich

Our private client list also includes many of the industry's top Costume Designers:

  • Theoni V. Aldredge
  • Robert Anton
  • Debra Bauer
  • Laura Bauer
  • Deanna Berg
  • Jonathan Bixby
  • Robert Blackman
  • Tracy Christensen
  • Jeanie Cleaver
  • Bob Crowley
  • Judith Dolan
  • Candice Donnelly
  • Linda Fisher
  • Gregory Gale
  • Jane Greenwood
  • In Costume
  • Robert Innes-Hopkins
  • William Ivey Long
  • Toni-Leslie James
  • Santo Loquasto
  • Claire Lyth
  • Ian MacNeil
  • David Murin
  • Mimi O'Donnell
  • E. Shura Pollatsek
  • Alice Power
  • Quay Brothers
  • Carrie Robbins
  • Theresa Squire
  • Mark Thompson
  • David Toser
  • Kaye Voyce
  • Lloyd Waiwaiole
  • Andy Walmsley
  • Tony Walton
  • David C. Woolard
  • Leslie Yarmo
  • Patricia Zipprodt

There are many more clients listed on our ongoing resume, and many more to come in the future!